Algri coworking Barcelona | Photos | How the space is


Algri Coworking Barcelona, The space!

Algri coworking Barcelona is the space adapted to your needs, especially if you are looking for a coworking Barcelona. It is well located and  has all the necessary services for you and your team.

We have large common rooms, in which to develop your projects alone or with other coworkers. There you can choose to have a fixed desk or a flexible one.

There are 2 meeting rooms. An small one for 4-6 people and a bigger one uo to 25 people. It can be adapted to your needs, such as meetings, talks, classes or other events that you want to organize 

Also we have chill out areas. There you can have a lunch or read a book from our library.

If you need a more private space, you can choose our offices, designed especially for you to enjoy all the services that a private office can offer but with the benefits of working in a coworking.

But as a picture is worth a thousand words, we advise you to click on the images below. There you can see with your own eyes how is Algri Coworking Barcelona