STORY MODELS MEETUP - Algri Coworking Barcelona



Meet up May 24th.

Schedule:  19:00 – 21:00


Pitching, marketing, communicating vision, we all use stories to convey our ideas. But narratives can also be a tool for insightful analysis and inspired design – a natural form to explore situations, identify problems, consider solutions and conceptualize products.

Stories envision possibilities. They connect us with the needs of individuals or the goals of organizations. A narrative can explore a situation and propose suitable products or services that solve problems or provide benefits, leading to desired outcomes. Together, stories combine to capture the big picture, motivating why a particular product might succeed or illustrating what about a product could cause it to fail.

Although semi-formal in structure, stories are written in natural language, making them accessible and inviting participation. Stakeholders collaborate around stories – from analysts, designers, and managers to engineers, marketers, and community, and even customers and investors, Stories allow all participants to align around a shared vision for the future.

This hands-on workshop lasts 2 hours, with a mix of theory and application. The facilitator leads discussion of example stories, covering principals and process. Participants work to apply stories to their own endeavors. Results are compared, sharing experiences and insights.

Workshop given by Andrew Harrison, former Amazon Senior Engineer turned Investor & Mentor. Teacher of modeling and design. Loves creativity and innovation.

Note: Yes there will be theory, but expect a lot of learn by doing. So bring something to write with, or on. Laptop, iPad, or good old paper and pen.


For more on Story Models, including a Design Guide and Examples, see


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