ALGRI COWORKING BARCELONA - Access new customers thanks to agile methodologies (Agile Sales)

Access new customers thanks to agile methodologies (Agile Sales)

Access new customers thanks to agile methodologies (Agile Sales)

At Algri Coworking Barcelona, ​​we are pleased to announce the second meeting focused on the digital transformation for SMEs from our friend and collaborator Carles Garcia. Below we attach the details of this meetup.


One of the benefits of digital transformation is that of being able to make more customers.

As we indicated in the first meeting, being clear about the objectives to be achieved and a method allow you to guide the transformation process until reaching the proposed objective (+ customers + efficiency + business)

Whether you are a professional, business or a company thanks to new digital tools and methodologies you can now access your existing or potential clients in a more efficient, quick and profitable way.

In this second meeting we want to tell you how to access more customers and reduce your sales cycles.


18.45h Reception

19h Home . Introduction of the event .

How to make more clients with Digital Transformation in Companies? (15 mins) .

Example 1: Sales Funnel: How to make customers through digital channels? (30m) In what way can we establish a method to reach our potential customers thanks to digital technologies. .

Example 2: Agile Sales: (45m)

How to reduce your sales cycles of 6 months and sell in 6 days? Aimed at B2B tech-software projects

Software and technology projects, B2B digital transformation, often face very long sales cycles that delay sales forecasts. How to accelerate the definition of projects and closures? * Based on Agile, Scrum, Google Design Sprints now with focus for agile sales.

20:30 Open session of exchange, doubts and questions.

21.00 End event.

I would appreciate it if you could be a little earlier in Algri Coworking Barcelona to start at 6pm in a timely manner, and that we can have time to share doubts and concerns. If you need more information you can contact us here

Or on the own meet up page
The event will be held in the large meeting room of Algri Coworking barcelona