ALGRI COWORKING BARCELONA - Creating a Work Climate Where the Truth is Heard

Creating a Work Climate Where the Truth is Heard

Creating a Work Climate Where the Truth is Heard

Creating a Work Climate Where the Truth is Heard

Hi guys! From Algri Coworking Barcelona, ​​we present the second edition of active listening of our collaborator and friend Cristina Malita this Thursday March 14. Below you will find all the details you need to know to be able to sign up for this event:Are you the type of leader that gives people the opportunity to “have their say” but most of the times you already have a predetermined decision?
There’s a huge difference between giving the opportunity to “have a say” and the opportunity to be heard.

People need to feel that you’re truly listening and that you “get them” in order to share valuable insights with you. And you need to hear the information they hold in order to make the right decisions and the truthful feedback in order to grow as a leader.

Hearing your team makes them feel that their opinions matter. As a result, they will continue to engage and look for the best solutions to reach their goals.

This session will empower you with new awarenesses and the tools to create a work climate where the truth is heard. Trust, openness, and self-motivated employees will derive from you doing this.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify and recognize common attitudes and behaviors that even smart leaders have that create distrust and stop employees from sharing openly.
2. Discover 4 key practices that, if applied will transform the work climate and people will start opening up and telling you the truth.

It will be a 60 min interactive presentation + 30 min of Q&A and meaningful group conversation.

Only 15 places available. Sign up now and reserve your spot!

The workshop will take place at Algri Coworking Barcelona, courtesy of Algri.

Register for FREE on Eventbrite.

What amazing contribution can this event have to your carrer succes?

Looking forward to meeting you!