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benefits of beeing in a coworking

benefits of beeing in a coworking

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In ALGRI COWORKING we know that it is always difficult to start a start-up or work as a freelancer.

One of the first questions is where to work?

Normally renting a place is a very expensive option, since the cost of the rent must be added other expenses caused by the necessary services such as: electricity, water, cleaning, internet …

Many freelancers then decide to work from home. A much cheaper solution without a doubt (more today where many jobs only require a computer and internet connection), however this solution also has its drawbacks.

Even if one is able to overcome the distractions inherent in working from home (TV, radio, mixing household chores during working hours, family distractions …), there is a risk of isolation.

It’s great to be with the family, but many times you simply need and work surrounded by colleagues. Not to mention that in many occasions the home is not the ideal space to receive clients from work.

Since a few years ago, the fashion of working in a coworking has emerged. But what are the advantages of being in a coworking space?

The most obvious advantage is the cost. For a very reasonable price, you have access to an office with all its extras; electricity, internet, cleaning, telephony, reception, meeting rooms … Facilities that many small businesses or freelancers could not afford

The second most important advantage is the environment, very different between different coworkings, but essential to develop your work. You will find yourself surrounded by creative people, who may need a professional from your field or vice versa. It is at this point that a coworking makes a difference. Not only will your networking grow, but you can receive both help and advice from experts in different areas and that can boost your business in an unexpected way. The collaboration between coworkers is a plus to keep in mind !!

In addition to these advantages, usually in coworkings courses, lectures and events are usually held regularly, from which you can benefit.   In short, it is not only a physical space that is offered, but a work philosophy.

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