Previously we have already talked about the benefits of working in a coworking, but how to choose the best coworking for you and your team? In this post of our coworker Javier Farrell we will discuss this topic.



The main advice I can give you when choosing a coworking is::


  • Take your time and visit different spaces.


There are many and very different types of coworking and each one is focused on a certain type of audience, so before deciding on a specific one, it is important to know them first hand.



  • Value your needs.

The first thing you have to assess are your own needs or those of your team.


Need to access the space 24/7? Or is working half a day from Monday to Friday more than enough? Do you only need a meeting room and are you looking for a space that offers hours packs? …

One of the most important aspects to consider in a coworking space is the flexibility it has when it comes to adapting to your needs.

Find a space with flexible plans that adapt to your way of working. If you can’t find them, ask the person in charge. With this you will also be able to know the coworking manager’s interest in being part of his community.



  • The coworking atmosphere

You and your team will spend many hours throughout the day in a shared area where you will live with other professionals from different fields.

One aspect that will ultimately be decisive in your stay in one space or another will be the treatment and relationship you have with the rest of coworkers.

The best way to find out is to try a day or two, so ask the responsible person for a free trial.

Another good way to know if there is a good atmosphere is to ask the person in charge. Are there initiatives to improve networking? Do you know your coworkers and what do they do? Do you usually introduce new coworkers? … When a coworking manager cares about the community it is usually healthy.



  • Location

One aspect to consider is the location of coworking. It must be easily accessible and well connected with public transport. Not only will you go to coworking but your clients will also meet you there.

In addition, it is also important that close to coworking there are coffee shops, restaurants, gyms or even supermarkets, since you will use several of these services during your stay in coworking.

Finally, you should ask yourself if the name of the street on which it is located is important for your business. Many coworkings let you domicile your company and when it comes to “selling” an image, everything counts.


  • Facilities and equipment

Last but not least, we have to look at the facilities and equipment themselves. It is here where we can objectively and directly appreciate what advantages a coworking offers us compared to another.


One of the points that I consider most important is the lighting. The work area should be well lit since we will be many hours in front of the computer screen. The last thing we want is to go out with a headache every night.


Another very important aspect are the chairs and tables of the space.

The tables have to be spacious and well defined, to work at ease and without invading the space of other coworkers.

Chairs must be ergonomic and quality. The best way to verify this is to see if they hold your lower back and can be adjusted in height and direction. In addition to having armrests also adjustable.


And personally, a point that I also attach much importance to is the space itself. No one likes to work in a “can of sardines,” so one of my priorities is to find a workplace that breathes.


I hope that with this article I could help you find the coworking that best suits your needs.


Javier Farrell,