6 consejos para elegir el mejor coworking

6 tips to choose the best coworking

consejos elegir coworking barcelona

6 tips to choose the best coworking

Coworking spaces are workspaces that are increasingly adapting to the needs of professionals. It is the preferred formula for freelancers and entrepreneurs and, in general, for all those who work remotely and are looking for a more inspiring place than their own home. These spaces offer an environment similar to that of an office, but are distinguished by their 100% flexible proposal. There is no compromise: you use them when you need or feel like it. To help you in your search, here are 6 tips to choose the best coworking space.

1. Consider the location

Taking into account the location of the coworking is important for two reasons. The first because, especially if you work remotely, the last thing you want to do is travel far to go to this shared work center. For this reason, it is preferable that you have it close to home so that you do not spend more than a few minutes on the journey. The second reason is because the location of the coworking can be a plus for your brand, for example, if it is in an exclusive neighborhood.

2. Visit the facilities

It does not matter if your plan is to go to coworking one day a week or several, but it is essential that you feel comfortable. Therefore, it is recommended that you visit the facilities to find out if it fits your requirements. He appreciates that this space houses not only common rooms to work, but also private offices in case you need to use them one day. You can also consider the existence of rest areas with sofas, cafeteria, meeting rooms, etc.

3. Review benefits and services

Apart from considering the shared office facilities, it is vital that you check what services are included in the rate. In general, this type of space offers a high-speed Wi-Fi connection, access to a printer, fax and photocopier, coffee machine, air conditioning and lighting, etc.

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4. Consider the work environment

Another reason to visit the facilities is because, in this way, you will be able to know what the work environment of the shared office is like. Depending on the coworking, the atmosphere may be more relaxed and quiet or more relaxed and conducive to making connections. Also take the opportunity to ask about the profile of the coworkers.

5. Look at the different rates

A tip to choose the best coworking is to assess the rates. The price, how could it be otherwise, is a very important filter. In this sense, it is common for this kind of space to enjoy different rates depending on the use that the coworker is going to give it: single days, monthly attendance, working in a permanent or rotating position, etc.

6. See the activity schedule

One of the advantages of attending a coworking regularly is that it allows you to interact and establish connections with others. It does not hurt that you are interested in the type of events that are usually organized so that you value if the space in question fits what you are looking for.

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