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How to eat well in a coworking?

How to eat well in a coworking?

Working in a coworking has many advantages over working in a traditional office. Undoubtedly, one of the best advantages that this type of workspace can offer is the possibility of eating much better than what is usually done in the canteens of large multinational companies.

For those who spend their working day in front of a computer in a coworking, having healthy and inexpensive restaurant options is more than excellent news; not only will it give them access to succulent meals, but it will also prevent them from needing to prepare their tupperware in advance the day before. Near our coworking there are many restaurants where you could eat if you work with us.

The restaurants two steps from the coworking

Arepamundi: Eating well and working in a coworking don’t have to be at odds with discovering and enjoying exotic foods from other countries. In Arepamundi it is possible to enjoy arepas, traditional from several Caribbean countries such as Venezuela. With meat, with vegetables, and with many things to eat Arepamundi is a good alternative to eat well two steps from here.

Anauco: Generally when we think of eating a hamburger we usually think of junk food and a large American chain. However, this is not the case for Anauco; a hamburger restaurant where delicious hand-made hamburgers are prepared with fresh meat of the highest quality. Ideal for hamburger lovers who do not want to give up healthy after a morning working in the coworking.

Xamfrà Gaudí: If we already have to go to work at the coworking, another option we have to eat the closest thing to how we would eat at home is the Xamfrà Gaudí; a Catalan food house where you can have a good menu of the day of the most complete and enjoy the typical food of the land of high quality.

La Fonda Paisa: If Anauco brought us the flavors of Venezuela to coworking, La Fonda Paisa does the same with Colombian food. Everyone who has eaten here says so: the service is excellent, the food delicious, and the quantities more than generous. Ideal to avoid being hungry and to make the lunch break really worth it.

Mainaró: Mainaró is the option of those who work in coworking and who have said “that’s it, today I’m indulging.” This restaurant fully connects with the innovative and technological spirit of 22 @ in which it is located. And it is that we can enjoy signature food and culinary innovations of the most “instagrammable”.

Gorría Restaurant: For lovers of the exotic but not too much, there is the Gorría restaurant. A restaurant specialized in Basque-Navarrese food and the most elegant in which to accompany everything with a good wine. The decoration is impeccable and architecturally it is composed of brick vaults that give it a touch of the most rustic and authentic.