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Tips to spend many hours in front of the computer

Tips to spend many hours in front of the computer

Currently, whatever our profession, we need to spend many hours in front of the computer. Whether we are lawyers or if we are graphic designers or translators who work in a coworking, spending many hours in front of the computer is no longer something that is only typical of computer scientists and programmers.

Of course, today’s computers are much less harmful to the eyes and health of those from a few decades ago. However, it is always convenient to follow a series of guidelines when we are working many hours with them in our office or coworking. Thus, in this article we wanted to share with you some good guidelines for working with the computer in a safe and healthy environment.

6 Tips for spending a lot of time with the computer

1. A good chair: It is not the only sight that can be damaged if one spends many hours in front of a computer, but also the back. Having a correct chair like the ones in our coworking is one of the most important steps we have to take to protect our health. A good chair, well adjusted to our height and weight parameters can prevent discomfort that, in the long run, can end up triggering major problems.

2. Take light into account: Light is a fundamental factor in ensuring the health of those who are in front of the computer for a long time. It is preferable to always have natural light and, ideally, to come from our left or from our right, not from the front. Furthermore, it is preferable that it is not direct, using, for example, curtains. If it was not possible to have natural light, what we should do is never use the computer in the dark in our coworking.

3. Rest from time to time: Working with the computer is not very different from performing any other type of work; so it is most advisable to interrupt our activity from time to time and rest our eyes, either by looking out the window or simply taking a walk through the coworking or office where we are.

4. Beware of contact lenses: When we are paying attention to the computer screen, our eyes blink less than normal so they tend to dry out. This is especially problematic in the case that we are wearing contact lenses, which could begin to harm us.

5. The posture: As important as having a good work chair in coworking or having the light in mind, is to adopt a correct and healthy posture. Thus, it is important that our back is straight, have a backrest that covers the entire body, ideally to the neck, and that we have the legs at a right angle.

6. The distance: Finally, another tip that must be taken into account when we spend long hours working in front of the computer in our office or coworking, is that we must be located at a distance from the appropriate screen. This would ideally be about 60 centimeters, although it may be somewhat less in case of electronic books or tablets.