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After the success of the first free workshop organized by our friends from Eurolloyd by Javier Matamala here at Algri Coworking Barcelona, ​​on June 29 a second session will be held for all those who could not attend the first one.

If you stayed with desire do not hesitate and sign up here



Who is Eurolloyd A & P ?:We are an insurance broker that was founded in 1989 and we are an integral part of Grupo Galilea, the largestinsurance broker of Spain.We are specialized in the Savings and Protection sector and we are specialists in AdviceFinancial through insurance products.We focus our activity on financial education to train all citizens to take the bestfinancial decisions for him / her and her family.


Objective of the workshop:1. The idea of ​​the workshop is to present the current situation:Spain suffers a major crisis in its Public Pension System.For the System to be sustainable, we must have a sufficient number of contributors in front of retired people,say at least 3X1. However, we currently have 1.9 contributors for each retiree.In addition, just 5 years ago there was more than 60,000 million euros in the Reserve Fund. Today is alreadyExhausted. How much will we need in several years?We live in Europe, an economic scenario of very low interest rates that will remain that way for a long timetime, however, inflation is again at average levels of 2%, how can we then haveprofitability in savings?Our education system has led us to have a poor financial culture in the face of a huge supply ofvery complex savings and investment products, how to know which product is best suited to ourneeds?


2. With the following consequence:The data indicate that in a few years, the number of employed will not be enough to maintain poweracquisition of pensions, which will imply higher contributions per contributor than current ones and acut in benefits.



3. Posing the solution:There is only one, build a heritage gradually, following a good strategyof savings to complement, in the future, the retirement benefit of the public system. 4. Content of the workshop:In our workshops, we help attendees, regardless of their profession or studies, to takeawareness of the need to have a minimum knowledge in educationfinancially so that they have a healthy economy and financial security both in the present and inthe future.


  1. The assistants will be able to:

Learn how is a correct financial planning. Know how to better manage money. Understand the difference between warranty and security. Learn to invest correctly by dispersing risks. Know all the changes made in the reforms of public pensions. Know the difference between a pension plan and other much better products. Know the taxation of all savings products.


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