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How to be productive at the computer?

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How to be productive at the computer?

Almost all of us who work in an office or a coworking like Algri have the same problem many times: We sit at the computer, we want to be productive and advance a lot with the work that we have pending but we end up wasting time in unnecessary distractions.

From Facebook updates to tedious moments tidying up the mail, from reading news alerts that have reached us or wasting time talking with our co-workers. There are many distractions to face when working in a coworking at the computer. Therefore, in order to beat them all, we propose in this article some tips to be more productive with your PC.

Tips to be productive with the computer in a coworking

It is important to know how to delegate to colleagues or simply share opinions so that ideas flow

1. Schedule your time: Of course, if having an orderly desktop (both physical and Windows) is a very useful step in order to be productive; no less useful is doing the same with our time. If we manage to organize our time in the coworking from the moment we arrive until we leave for activities and tasks, we will surely be much more effective than if we do not compartmentalize them.

2. Avoid multitasking: Regarding the first point, one of the ways to be more productive behind a computer is by avoiding being multitasking: if you have to make a report, focus on it, close all the windows and put your mobile on be quiet. This will help you a lot.

3. Take breaks: It may seem counterintuitive, but taking regular breaks from our coworking activity greatly improves our productivity. An hour working after a good rest is a productive hour, while, on the contrary, stringing together four hours doing the same thing without having taken a short break, will probably make us not progress as we would like.

4. Make a checklist: In order to better organize and segment time, it can be very useful to make a checklist of everything we have to do the next day just before we go home and leave the coworking.

5. Avoid heavy meals: Heavy meals make us too sleepy and make us drowsy and unproductive; So the best for noon is to do as our European colleagues do and eat something light: a sandwich or a salad will be enough to get the most out of coworking.

In the middle of the technological age, a notebook can always be useful to organize ideas

6. Turn off notifications: Email notifications can be useful; But having them activated while we try to do an excel or organize an agenda can distract us and cause us to not perform as we should. Deactivating them is, without a doubt, the best option.

7. Use technology: If you do not get the willpower necessary to organize and discipline yourself, you must bear in mind that there are many tools on the internet available for those who seek to be more productive: from timers to browser extensions that prevent access to certain pages where workers tend to waste too much time, such as Facebook or Wikipedia.