Oficinas vs. coworkings: ¿qué es mejor para autónomos y pymes?

Offices vs. coworkings: what is better for freelancers and SMEs?


Offices vs. coworkings: what is better for freelancers and SMEs?

Una de las dudas más frecuentes que asaltan a los autónomos y pymes en algún punto de su trayectoria profesional es acerca de dónde establecer su centro de trabajo. Es posible que al principio fuera suficiente con tener un espacio en casa habilitado para trabajar, pero si buscas expandirte, hacer conexiones o trabajar junto a tu equipo en un entorno físico, es normal que te surja la pregunta de si es mejor una oficina o un coworking.

One of the most frequent questions that freelancers and SMEs have at some point in their professional career is about where to set up their workplace. It may be that at first it was enough to have a space at home enabled to work, but if you are looking to expand, make connections or work together with your team in a physical environment, it is normal that the question arises if an office or a coworking space is better.

Trabajar en una oficina: pros y contras

To try to solve this unknown, the first thing is to point out the characteristics of each option. In the case of traditional offices, there is not much to explain. As you know, they are work centers for the exclusive use of you and your team. The great advantage of the offices is that they are private, that is, you will not have to share them with anyone else and, therefore, you will be able to decorate it as you wish. 

As for the drawbacks, renting (or buying) a place to transform it into an office can require a significant investment, especially if you want it to enjoy a privileged location. But, in addition, if you do not have personnel dedicated to maintenance and other related matters, it will be up to you to take care of solving the problems that arise. This type of management, as usual, will distract you from your main tasks and can steal precious time.

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Choosing a coworking: all the advantages of the office and more

Let’s see in the second instance, what possibilities coworking offers. The coworking formula is relatively new and is perfected over the years. Its main quality is that it offers flexible and tailor-made workspaces, oriented above all to freelancers and SMEs.

Coworking offices no longer offer only a shared room with work tables and Wi-Fi connection as they did a few years ago. Of course, this is a service they offer, but as we say, they are characterized by maximum customization in order to adapt to the needs of each professional. For this reason, it is easy to find coworking spaces with shared tables, but which also offer the possibility of having a permanent job and even closed offices.

In this way, coworking broadens its horizons to adapt to those professionals who are looking for something intermediate between a traditional office and a flexible table. Of course, with all the advantages that this entails. Coworking is a modality whose rate includes basic services (WiFi connection, cleaning, access to meeting room, coffee machine, printing service, etc.) and, in addition, allows synergies to be generated with other coworkers.

Office or coworking, which one do I prefer?

So who wins in the office vs. coworking? The second option clearly wins because it is an extension of the first, representing considerable economic and time savings for professionals. Thus, you can focus 100% on what is important, which is your business.

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